Ball point pen on today's newsprint

The low for today in NJ will be 10 degrees Fahrenheit while the high will reach 23 degrees. Right now it's 14.

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. Here are some tips to staying warm.

Don't wear cotton. It absorbs moisture from your body and transfers warmth away. No  jeans!

Keep your shoes dry from the inside. wear a thin pair of socks covered by a thin plastic bag (newspaper or bread bags work like a charm) covered by a wool sock.

Wear layers, a wicking layer close to the body made of silk or polyester, a thermal layer for warmth and an outer shell to protect against the wind.

Stay warm!

  1. Sue Hilyard
    January 23, 2013 -

    Larry - The advise about the plastic bags brought me back to childhood. I remember we didn't have insulated boots then, just rubber boots, we wore several pairs of socks and then slipped our feet into discarded bread bags. We secured the top with a rubber band and then put them inside our boots! We played outside for hours sledding, building forts and having snowball fights! We were covered in snow and our boots were filled with it too. When we got wet, we got cold and it was time to go in for some hot chocolate and some kind of baked goodie. My mom used to hose down the patio so we could ice skate! I have such good memories of winter from my childhood. I don't see kids doing this type of thing much now. Too bad, they are missing out on so much. BTW - windchill here in Maine is -24 today with high of 4. Tonite will be -16. But hey, at least the sun is shining bright. Thx for the great tips. I don't own much non-cotton clothing. Yikes! :)