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A New Book.

A few years back I read with great interest the posts at Today's Inspiration highlighting illustrator, Andy Virgil. Mr. Virgil was a fantastic painter but what originally peaked my interest was that he was painting book covers for Silhouette Romance in the twilight of his career. He passed away in 1980 when I was still an art student. Two years later I started my career painting for the same line of books. But back to Mr. Buckley, Mr. Virgil painted a great Buckley piece and said it was stolen right off the walls of the society of illustrators. In the post, his widow said that the artist disagreed with, but respected Buckley. Funny how Andy Virgil, Carl T. Bogus the author of "Buckley", myself and almost everyone else thought the same of WFB, whether you agreed with his politics or not, it was hard not to respect his intellect. What became of intellectual conservatives?

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