Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

Laws intended to curb junkets have done little to stop our representatives from jet setting around the world at the expense of US lobbyists. Jim Sensenbrenner recently toured a prince’s vineyard and castle in Liechtenstein then spent an afternoon at a ski resort in the Alps. The $14,708 trip took advantage of a loophole in the law where lobbyists can give large sums of money to nonprofit groups that sponsor the travel. And although lobbists cannot go on the same plane, they can travel to the destination and meet the lawmakers once they get there. The top travelers, by number of trips since 2007 are John Lewis with 40, John Conyers with 39 and James Clyburn with 28. By Cost, it's Richard Lugar with 82,266, Lloyd Doggett with 81,637 and Russ Canahan with 81,175.