Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

Some bloggers, armed with strong hit counts, have an over inflated view of their contribution to the public discourse and have developed an adversarial relationship with traditional media. I'm not in that camp. I'm a full time illustrator. I don't have the time, nor the budget to track down a story. I have never filed a freedom of information request. I rely on traditional media to stay informed, not just as a blogger, but as a responsible citizen. Some may have noticed the Star-Ledger's bylines peaking out from behind my daily doodles. The Ledger is New Jersey's largest daily paper. My brother and I had a Star-Ledger paper route as boys. and I've been a subscriber and reader ever since. In recent years the Ledger has won two Pulitzer Prizes and numerous other national awards, but like many in the news industry it's suffered financially of late. Yesterday The Star-Ledger's publisher George Arwady announced that the paper needs to cut it's staff by 200 full time employees or it will be forced to sell. Either way it's bad news for anyone trying to stay informed in New Jersey .