Ball point pen on today's newsprint

We polled a recent studio audience and the top five answers to the question are on the board.
Here's the question: What is the best way to pay tribute to Richard Dawson.
Oh, oh. Host a "Hogans Hero's" marathon.
Survey  Say's! .... X
Watch the Schwarzenegger film "The Running Man." Good answer!
Survey  Say's! .... Ding -  21.
Kiss every woman you meet today.
That reminds me, I haven't stolen a kiss yet, smooch. Show me "Kiss every woman you meet!" .... X
That's two strikes darling. One more and the Floggelhorn family will get a chance to steel.
Play home edition of "The Match Game"
Survey  Say's! .... X
What say you Floggelhorns?
Draw his portrait. Good answer, good answer.
Show me "Draw His Portrait!"  Ding. Number one answer.
He was a handsome devil.

RIP Mr Dawson.

  1. Pat
    June 4, 2012 -

    Fun, Larry. He WAS a handsome devil!