Ballpoint Reruns

Its been a year since I last took a sabbatical from Drawing On Observations to visit London and Paris. This year we have something special planned. I'll tell you about it when I return. In the mean time, I'm reposting some of my favorite portraits doodled over the past year Due to spam issues all comments will be turned off until I return. ...

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Ball point pen on the morningnewsprint

Future wars are more likely to be fought over information than land or oil. Last week Secretary of State Clinton used her strongest language to date warning potential adversaries that cyber-attacks will not be ignored.

Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

The Obama administration has created a new cyber-military force for the Department of Defense. Melissa Hathaway began wor ...

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I'm on sabbatical for a week. I will resume my posting duties on Monday, May 3rd. I'll fill you in then on what I was up to while I was away and have an all new drawing. Until then, enjoy this series from the 08 election. PS. Due to the spam issue, all comments will be held for monitoring until I return.

Ball point pen doodle reruns from the campaign of 08


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clinton-obama.jpg Last night the Democratic party kicked off its four day convention to nominate Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden to lead the party in this falls election and become the next president and vice president of our nation. The delegates were treated to a speech by Caroline Kennedy; a Ken Burns tribute film to the Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy; a speech by the 76 year old senator, who recently suffered from a malignant brain tumor but made the journey to Denver to endorse Barack Obama; what I thought was a great speech by Michelle Obama; and capped off by Michelle and Barack's adorable girls teleconferencing with their daddy from Kansas City..... but I couldn't help notice that there was a subtext to the proceeding ...

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