1. January 28, 2010 -

    I didn't succomb to the uber coolness of Apple, I don't own an iPhone, iTouch and will wait a long while before I think about the iPad, I hate the name. The next revision or the version coming out in, say 2012 will be better . . . see the iPhone 3G. Did you hear about NY Newsday? After 3 months, only 35 subscriptions for Newsday's Web Site

  2. January 28, 2010 -

    Newsday...ouch. I calculated it will cost you roughly twice the price of home delivery to read your New York Times this way, with all of said cost going to Apple and AT&T. The NYT presently gives it's content away for free on the internet but will start charging for it's online version in 2011. The price point of the device and provider will have to come down to make the new media economically viable. Stay tuned