Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

Governor Blagojevich called everyones bluff by appointing Roland Burris to fill Obama's vacant Senate seat.
The 71 year old Burris received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Southern Illinois University Carbondale before studying abroad on scholarship at the University of Hamburg, Germany majoring in International Law and then earning his Juris Doctor degree from Howard University School of Law. He became the first African-American National Bank Examiner for the US Treasury , served as Chief Operating Officer for Operation PUSH and became State attorney general for the State of Illinois.
Many believe that Blagojevich named an African American to diffuse the controversy surrounding his appointment, but black or white, Burris's skin had better be thick because he's receiving a chilly welcome from fellow democrats who blocked him from claiming the seat and turned him away from yesterdays swearing in ceremony.