Ball point pen on envelpoe.

While it's liberating to draw on trash, (see above) occasionally there's a drawing I wish I had saved. About two months ago I saw an article in the paper about a little known (at least to me) Albany bureaucrat. The article (as I recall) revolved around a wrongful firing suit against said bureaucrat. The plaintiff claimed that he was fired on the basis of race, he was white, the defendant black. The defense was that said bureaucrat is blind and had no idea the plaintiff was white. Sort of interesting...but not so much that I remembered his name. He did have an interesting face. So, I drew him in the news paper and summarily through it in the recycling bin at the end of the day....A few weeks later, then Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer is caught in a prostitution/money laundering scandal. He has to step down and a little known bureaucrat, David Paterson, rises to the position of New York's Governor.... I drew that guy! I desperately rifle through the recycling bin to add credence to my story... but I was too late. That was one drawing I wish I had back.