Ball point pen on today's newsprint

Yesterday I thought, maybe I was looking at this luck thing all wrong. I mean, I may not be lucky at picking the winning numbers but I am extremely lucky at picking the loosing numbers, often getting zero numbers on multiple tickets. When you think about it, choosing all the wrong or loosing numbers, without any winners, is as difficult and odds defying as choosing all the right numbers, only without the reward.

So, how do I use this epiphany to my advantage?

Yesterday, I first played five quick pick powerballs. Then, assuming all those numbers were loosers, I played five more games, choosing the numbers from the remaining digits not on the first ticket. The results: The quick pick chose 21 different numbers in the first five games, and my theory almost held water, with only one winning number coming from that group. The remaining five winning numbers came from the 38 numbers not on that first ticket. Unfortunately while I did slightly better with those remaining numbers, I was reminded why I never play the lottery.

  1. Maisie
    November 29, 2012 -

    Larry, We had 3 numbers on two lines and won a whopping $14!

  2. November 29, 2012 -

    Hey, congratulations!