1. Pat D
    April 2, 2010 -

    Yes. Bullying in school is rampant and much of it is cyber-bullying. I sometimes wonder how the high school kids I teach can manage it all. Bullying is one kind of behavior that I am stongly against and have followed through on it for many occasions only to learn that administrators often disregard it. It's tough for a kid to admit he or she is being bullied, so unless it is observed...no, take that back, even when it is observed and reported accordingly, it falls by the wayside.

  2. April 2, 2010 -

    I was curious to hear of your experience with this Pat. I remember how cruel kids were when I was in school and how tough the seemingly weak needed to be to survive it. I can only imagine how the problem has grown with technology.

  3. April 2, 2010 -

    Just read a story about her, sad. I remember kids being hospitalized, scarred for life, and a few killed throughout my time in high school. Hopefully parents and many schools will not forget her story.

  4. April 2, 2010 -

    Tragic Vee, I hope you're right.

  5. Eric Schneider
    April 3, 2010 -

    I too was bullied when I was in school and, like the case of Phoebe Prince, faculty and employees of the school looked the other way. That is, of course, until the day I fought back; the bully suffered a broken nose and an extracted (knocked-out) tooth. It was then that teachers and school staff took notice and referred to me as an animal. Isn't that typical? The Animal Control Issue that exists in South Hadley High School involves the bullies who harassed Phoebe Prince until she took her own life. Those bullies are the animals, worthless biomass who are breathing our oxygen; they are nothing more than cloggers of society's arteries, simple human trash. These animals should be put to sleep so that we may clean the human gene pool. Isn’t it convenient, for South Hadley High School, that their website has been disabled? It seems that these lightweights can’t handle the hate email. The cold and incompetent faculty and administrators of this second-rate high school would rather hide than take responsibility for what they let happen to Phoebe Prince. In the wake of this tragedy, my only comfort is that there is justice in the universe; for the barely-human trash that harassed Phoebe and the cowardly idiots who permitted it, there exists a painful hell for them to burn in. If there is any humanity left in them (that is, if there was ever any to begin with, but I doubt it), they should fear God. However, they may not be intelligent enough to understand this.