Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

Today I continue posting my doodles from our trip to London and Paris.

British actor Peter Dennis passed away in California on April 18th. Dennis fell in love with the literary works of Alan Alexander Milne and Illustrator Ernest Shepard at an exhibition in London and gradually made it his life's work to tour America and Europe with his one man show of readings from Winnie-the-Pooh and other classics from A.A. Milne. He also appeared in dozens of television shows including Murder, She Wrote, ER and in the films Sideways and Shrek. He was 75.

Above, just beyond my doodle, is London's Green Park. Donna and I stayed in a hotel just a block away. One interesting dichotomy between London and Paris are it's parks and gardens. The French proudly proclaim man's triumph over nature, and what a triumph. It seems throughout the entire city of Paris, not a leaf is out of place. Each tree a large topiary standing in perfect rows. Every hedge, shrub and flower is perfectly manicured and strategically placed to please the eye and serve a grand design.

The English gardens and parks are more natural, designed to allow those living in a congested city to commune with nature without leaving town. Both provide valuable public spaces for people to gather and decompress, they just have a different philosophy about how to present it.

This concludes the vacation posts. Sorry for being even more self indulgent than usual, Next week I'll be back to doodling a daily portraits on my morning paper. Cheers, Au Revoire

  1. May 8, 2009 -

    Another wonderful portrait. Goodness, don't apologize--I've been thoroughly enjoying these. Beautiful photos here, too. Welcome home, Larry!