Ball point pen on the morning, somewhat wet, newsprint (raining here in NJ)

We talk about elections in the US using war metaphors, battleground states, fight to the end, war room strategies, but in Lebanon they do more than talk. Hizbullah is an opposition party. It's leader, Nasrallah claimed this week that recent crack downs by the Lebanese government were a declaration of war and Shiite gunman have taken to the streets of Beirut with automatic weapons and grenade rocket launchers. Kind of puts things in perspective.. While our election process seems to go on for ever and is sometimes contentious, eventually there will be a winner and a peaceful transition to a new administration.

  1. May 10, 2008 -

    Yes, even though we have lots of flaws in our system, it's still the best there is out there, I suppose. This is another gem: you really caught him! How long have you been doing these? They're wonderful.

  2. May 11, 2008 -

    That's nice of you to say. I've been doodling on the newspaper for years. I'm an artist/news junkie, I buy sketch pads, but never was good about carrying them with me... so, I draw on whatever is in front of me, paper napkins, junk mail and of course the newspaper. I like drawing with the ball point pen as a challenge, make a mark and live with it...tomorrow there'll be a fresh supply of newsprint. I've given some of these doodles to strangers over the years who have seen me drawing while on the train or at a Starbucks, but the vast majority have gone right into the recycling bin. Now I post them here, but I try not to think about that less they become over worked pretty pictures. They're still just my morning exercise. L