Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

....go marching in
When the Saints go marching in
Oh lord I want to be in that number
When the Saints go marching in!

Congratulations to Super Bowl 44 MVP, Drew Brees for leading his New Orleans Saint to victory over the Indianapolis Colts, 31-17. The win marks the Saints first Super Bowl victory.

Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday, the last day of carnival before Ash Wednesday, falls on February 16th this year. That gives New Orleans eight days to celebrate.

Watch Louis Armrtong play the "When The Saints Go Marching In"

  1. February 8, 2010 -

    The expression says it all. I was happy to see them win last night. I'm a little biased though since the Colts knocked out the Ravens but I was still pulling for the Saints because it such a good comeback story. For a team that wasn't sure of it's future 4 years ago to a Super Bowl is really impressive.

  2. February 8, 2010 -

    Yeah Alex, I would have expected you and everyone else in Baltimore was rooting for the Saints. There must be a lot of animosity towards the Colts, not just for beating the Ravens but for leaving town. My rule of thumb is that if I don't have a dog in the race (I'm a Giants fan) to root for the underdog. Going in, I thought the Colts would win, but I was pulling for the Saints. Nice to see them win.