Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

I'm for a womans right to choose, and the evangelical base of the republican party is a little off putting, but I've always liked the maverick, John McCain. I think that our country would have been infinitely better served had the Republicans embraced him eight years ago, but the party loyalists hated him. It all seems so insincere now that they're accepting him out of desperation, and unfair that he now be their standard bearer and suffer the slings and arrows from those rightfully upset with the incompetence of the previous administration. But McCain has proven to be a tough guy with a high tolerance for pain. Last night he tried to distance himself from President Bush... Is it too little too late? It should be interesting.

  1. September 5, 2008 -

    I am sooo in agreement with you on this one. You captured his smile here so well. I'm going to be on the road all fall as of Sunday, and I'll look forward to it all unraveling...got my absentee ballot all set and ready to go...