Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

This is what's called Media Week at Super Bowl 43...thats right, the Steelers and the Cardinals will have the same four, fifteen minute quarters to decide who's champion, but the media gets a whole week. Is the tail wagging the dog? Of course. (don't even get me started on the pre-game show) The vast majority of the coverage is inane BS, especially since Jerry Izenberg retired from the Star Ledger. He was a New Jersey treasure. Jerry started writing for the Star Ledger while still a student of Rutgers University in 1951. If you wanted the score, go somewhere else, but if you wanted the story this was the guy. He is one of only three daily newspaper columnists to have covered all 42 previous Super Bowls. He has retired but today the Ledger published his account of Joe Namath's Jets defeating the Colts in Super Bowl III. I miss reading him.

Some video of Izenberg talking about how Cassius Clay Shocks the world and beats Sony Liston

Super Bowl III Memory

Super Bowl II memory This one is classic Izenberg

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    Welcome IS. and thanks for the kind words.

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    He sounds like a treasure! What a wonderful portrait of him, Larry!