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The same small but powerful group of social conservatives that had control for eight years and mismanaged every aspect of our government, are fighting to keep control of a party that's looking to rebuild it's brand. In a party with shrinking ranks these republicans want to make the tent smaller by excluding moderates. Fail their litmus test and they will throw you under the bus as they did when Palin and Dick Armey supported a third party candidate over the moderate Republican in New York. Now they have Florida Governor Charlie Christ in their sights.

  1. November 16, 2009 -

    Great job on this!

  2. judy mcmillan
    January 28, 2010 -

    In Jan 28th Space Coast section of the Florida Today Charlie Christ states " I do not have the luxury of going around this state and politicking all day, nor do I have the desire to right now. I'm going to do my job." How many were here in Brevard and Volucia County's when we had the horrible storms and where was Charlie Christ? Down in sunny Miami with his wife riding around in a red convertible,politicing for the Senate Seat!?! Has anyone picked up on the lies this man is telling? Martha Sugalski asked where he was. Was she the one who was brave enough to ask? He then claimed he flew over Volucia the 1st day of the storm and saw no problem.A day later they're flooded. Charlie said his people could handle it! I was unaware that we elected his people to handle things and apparently they couldn't! Now when I saw it today that he doesn't have the time to politic unlike his opponent, he has work to do? Since when? What did he actually call his ride through Miami with his wife in tow waving at a parade his office set up. Was he not on our payroll? Is his wife on our payroll?Come on folks, he blatently lied about politicing while there is work to do. There will be no cuts, layoffs or removal of gov paid healthcare! What about ours?

  3. January 28, 2010 -

    Hi Judy, I'm happy to provide a place for you to sound off about your Governor. Not being from Florida, I'm not going to dispute the content of your post. My desire to draw your Governor other than his interesting face was because of what I believe to be a foolish litmus test that the republican party wants to impose on it's candidates without regards to the region. I hope you'll come back and have a look at my drawings.