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Yes, for all those under forty, there was once a championship team that played at Madison Square Garden. Last night they celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first Knick championship. That great team led by Hall of Famers, Willis Reed, Walt "Clyde" Frazier and "Dollar" Bill Bradley went on to win one more in 73. And although Ewing, Starks, Oakley, Jackson, Johnson, Mason, Houston and Spewell provided some excitement along the way it's been a long drought at the Garden for Knick fans.

  1. February 23, 2010 -

    I thought this was a joke when I read the headline, then I saw the faces. Let's not forget, Phil Jackson won his first championship as a New York Knickerbocker. Hey for the record, my guys actually made it to the championship! I am still bummed out about that Game 7 and the never-ending 3-point attempts by Starks. I lost $25 bucks. The Houston-Sprewell duo were really great, but not good enough to compete against the Spurs. sigh. During his Lakers years, Shaq said that MSG was cursed because of the way they treated Ewing. He also talked about how he used to dread going to the Garden because of the stifling defense. Defense in NY, what's that?

  2. February 23, 2010 -

    Good call Vee, but I think Phil Jackson made it to the Hall more for drawing triangles than throwing elbows. And yes, although they didn't win, Ewing and the boys had a good run and provided a lot of excitement. Seems like a lifetime ago.

  3. February 26, 2010 -

    Wow--you must've had a long time on that commute, or you were just really prolific this day, Larry! Nice job!