Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

Today's a slow news day so I'm returning to yesterday's lefty notables - as in left handed, not political affiliation. Five of the last seven presidents have been left handed including Bush 41. I can't think of Bush the elder without thinking of Dana Carvey's spot on impersonation and famous tag line, "Nope, not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent". In fact, he was prudent when compared to his right handed son. 41 angered many conservatives who wanted him to expand the mission beyond the UN Resolution in the first Gulf War. After liberating Kuwait, many wanted US troops to continue on to Baghdad and oust Saddam. "Nope, not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent". Whadaya know, he was right.

This correction appeared in today's Washington Post. It turns out Reagan wasn't a lefty.

  1. March 26, 2009 -

    ;D I ALWAYS think of Dana Carvey when I think of 41. "Thousand points of light....gonna' go do that grandfather thing..." Cracks me up--you really caught him here. Priceless.