Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

There's a theme of sorts developing in my doodles this week. Bernie Madoff has taken people for $50 billion (that's billion with a B) so I guess he thinks everyone's a fool. Take for example the financial success of his wife Ruth Madoff. They have been married for nearly fifty years. Last month after the ponzi scheme was discovered, regulators revealed that she withdrew $15.5 million from a Cohmad securities account (Cohn/Maddoff)..... Hmmm, without being employed outside the firm, she has managed to amass 62 million dollars in cash and bonds and a $7 million penthouse, all in her own name. Now, Bernie says that those assets are separate from his ill gotten gains and she should be allowed to keep them. Very convenient that his name doesn't appear on any of their assets, being as he robs people of their life savings for a living.