If you've visited this blog before, you know it's mostly about the drawing, the news and the news makers. I try not to bore you by writing about myself, in fact, I try not to write at all if I can get away with it. But I have to break format today to thank the folks at NJ Monthly. Their "Best of Jersey" issue is out and I'm pleased to say that my little "Drawing on Observations" blog was recognized as one of the best blogs in the garden state. Thank you NJ Monthly! Read More

Uptown Magazine

My Obama drawing was prominently featured in an article about Obama related artwork in this months issue of Uptown Magazine on sale today.

One Note: As a citizen, Barack Obama inspired me, as he did countless others, to put a sign on my lawn and open my checkbook in support of his candidacy. As an illustrator, I had no intention of creating a poster until I was contacted by the campaign and asked to do this drawing. As a professional and one of his early supporters, I was honored to contribute this piece. I'm proud to say that no copyright was infringed in the creation of, no private p ...

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Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

...When added to the 700 Billion, the numbers start to get abstract. A trillion dollars is a million million. If you laid one dollar bills end to end, you could make a chain that stretches from earth to the moon and back again 200 times. One trillion dollars would stretch nearly from the earth to the sun. It would take a military jet flying at the speed of sound, reeling out a roll of dollar bills behind it, 14 years before it reeled out one trillion dollar bills. The tab so far for bailouts has reached 8.5 Trillion Dollars! I wonder how long it will take my great grandchildren to pay it back to China. Blogging note: A speci ...

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issac-hayes.jpg Ball point pen on the morning newsprint Overcoming the humble start of being born in a tin shack in Tennessee, having his mom die and his dad run off when he was just a year old, being raised by his grandparents and picking cotton as a boy, Isaac Hayes would teach himself to play piano, organ and saxophone and go on to become a music icon. He won an Academy Award, Three Grammy Awards and became a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He died yesterday at age 65. Also...While I was taking a long weekend at the beach with my family, my blog was highlighted by The Star Ledger staff reporter Kelly Heyboer. I have doodled over Kelly's byline on a number of occasions and wanted to say t ...

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