Today we have the difficult task of saying goodbye to our faithful companion Bernie. We rescued Bernie 12 years ago from an owner that couldn't care for him. A well behaved, lovable Yorkie that always wanted company. Named after, then center fielder for the New York Yankees, Bernie Williams. Read More

Ball point pen on paper

Today is my son Andrew's 21st Birthday. Andrew is a senior at Rowan University finishing his undergraduate degree in Mathematics. He will be studying abroad in Rome Italy this summer and plans on applying to graduate schools upon his return. Apart from his scholastic career, Andrew plays the guitar and bass. Working from my home studio, I've had the privilege to see and hear bands form and practice in my basement. He and his mates have played gigs at the famed Jersey club Read More

5" x 7" Oil on canvas

If an idle mind and hands are the devils workshop, then my grandmother Alice Burke should be canonized as a saint. This weekend marks her 95th Birthday and this oil sketch of her busy hands is my gift to her. Born Alice Kopidlowski the same year that World War I broke out. She lost her father at an early age and had to drop out of school in the third grade to work in a button factory. She met my grandfather during The Great Depression and they eloped in 1932. She made up for the lack of formal education with hard work and determination. At 95 she still reads a newspaper cover to cover every day. In her day she could sew a dress without a patter ...

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Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

My Father, Joseph R. Roibal Jr. or Jose to his friends, served in the US Navy during the Korean War. While serving a long tour at sea, a virulent strain of streptococcus running throughout the ship led sick bay to run out of antibiotics. An infection settled in Joseph's kidneys, leading to his medical discharge from the Navy, eventually to total renal failure, and after many years of dialysis, to his early passing at the age of 57. If the above seems like a small footnote, that's intentional. He never let that monumental event define who he was. A first generation American, he was a strong man in body and mind, a hard worker, t ...

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alyssa.jpg Ball point pen on our home town paper There is no bigger news item than our daughter Alyssa Graduating from South Plainfield High School tonight. A member of the National Honor Society, National Arts Honor Society, National Scholastic Society and Girl Scout Silver Award recipient, Alyssa will be a freshman this fall at Rutgers University, New Brunswick majoring in Journalism. Congratulations Alyssa! ...

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