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About 7:30 pm Monday evening, we lost power here in South Plainfield New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy hit us pretty hard with many old growth trees uprooted onto power lines. But, aside from the power, we were very fortunate to have lost only a few tree limbs and some siding from our home. We did prepare for the storm so we had food to eat, containers of water to drink, plenty of ice to keep our food from spoiling and wood to burn for heat. What we didn't have was power and any communication or news from the outside world. We had a transistor radio but the New Jersey station wasn't broadcasting the first 24 hours and the New York Times and Star Ledger understandably weren't delivered. We had our phones fully charged but as New Jersey lost 25 percent of it's cell towers, we had no service. Our world was reduced to what we could see from our windows. And in spite of the warnings to stay away from said windows, we did look, and we did see - a lot.

First, the public works department in our town was working tirelessly from the beginning, clearing branches and making it possible for lineman to enter as soon as possible. But we also saw the stupid side of people riding around gawking, causing traffic jams, getting in the way of first responders and wasting precious gas. I had a full tank of gas in my car before the storm started, and now four days later, I still have a full tank of gas. Where were all those people going?

We got our power back after 69 hours. We are so grateful for all of the hard work done by the public employees and utility companies for restoring some semblance of normalcy here, but our hearts go out to all those still suffering from this disaster. It is devastating, like a war zone out there. Stay safe.

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  1. November 2, 2012 -

    Also, thanks to my beautiful and resourceful wife Donna and our daughter Alyssa for helping to make the time go by without much stress or hardship. We spent our evenings playing cards by candlelight. Donna and Alyssa are excellent card players, so it is with great pride that I announce that I am the Hurricane Sandy 2012 Gin Rummy Tournament champion.