Ball point pen on yesterdays newsprint (which was delivered today)

Here in the North East we has another huge snow storm. Actually, it was two storms which joined forces and dropped snow for over thirty hours. Both the Times and the Ledger's delivery took a snow day while I spent another day shoveling heavy snow. Today both Friday and Saturday papers were delivered. I'm a fan of the seasons, but it seems like I've shoveled a lifetime of snow this winter and I'm longing for baseball and the boys of summer.

Oh yeah, this is John Podesta, U.S. contracts, higher wages, Center for American Progress, yada, yada, yada.

  1. February 27, 2010 -

    You guys really have had the snow this year, Larry! My sister's up in Hunterdon county NJ, but the rest of us have moved south. I remember when I lived in NJ, we had a snow blower, and as kids, we'd go door to door shoveling snow off driveways for a quarter and a cup of hot chocolate...but here in NC, we normally don't see much white stuff. This year, we had a couple of small snows, though. That much snow really can give one cabin fever! Stay warm.