Most days I work at home, so my mornings consist of finding the paper on my front lawn, doodling a portrait or two over my morning coffee and heading up to my studio to start my day. But occasionally, on days like yesterday, I have to commute to New York for a model reference photo shoot. On those days I wake up early, do my morning doodle, blog, then head to New York. I always buy another paper because the New York tabloids always have more fodder for me to doodle. The excursion is a bumpy ride on overcrowded trains with poor suspensions. I guess it is an obsession because I still draw. It's about a 35 minutes ride... This is how I passed the time. A bakers dozen doodles on yesterdays paper.

Ball point pen on the morning newsprint

  1. Pat D
    June 12, 2009 -

    I enjoyed watching American Idol this season, especially to hear and SEE Adam Lambert. It's nice to see him included in this baker's dozen.

  2. June 12, 2009 -

    These are wonderful, Larry! I'll bet it's fun for the other passengers to surreptitiously watch you while you're doing these!