The Quilt

For decades I had a morning ritual of reading the newspaper and drawing a newsmaker directly on the pages of the news. In 2008 I began to post these drawings on my blog “Drawing on Observations.” These drawings are admittedly more doodles than works of art, drawn quickly with ballpoint pen on cheep newsprint over type. But collectively, after posting every day for 8 years and thousands of drawings, they combine to make up something greater than the sum of its parts. Recently my mother came to me wanting to create a quilt using these drawings. My mom has practiced needlecraft most of her life, making clothing, sewing curtains, upholstering furniture, crocheting blankets and creating needlepoint. It wasn’t until after she retired that she began to learn the art of quilt making. She has since become an accomplished quilter, making exquisitely made objects that are equally at home on ...

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