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Jeremiah’s Space Time Continuum

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Is it just me, or are Jeremiah’s fifteen minutes starting to feel more like an eternity?

Is team Clinton helping to prolonging the story? Here’s an interesting tidbit from Daily News Columnist Errol Louis.



The Dems Follies

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I always loved Will Rogers response when asked “To what political party do you belong?”

He’d say, “I don’t belong to any ORGANIZED party….I’m a Democrat.”

Guess Who’s Portrait Contest


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There’s a big hint


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I played a lot of competitive sports growing up. I even played on the High School Basketball team. When I went to college,… well, Parsons was in the middle of Manhattan and didn’t even have a gymnasium let alone a team, but I continued to play competitive league basketball up until a few years ago when I had to concede that it’s a young persons game. (or maybe I already knew that and was conceding that I am no longer young) I still run but I only compete against myself.

Jeremiah Wright

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I can’t help but think that if Reverend Wright were a “Clinton problem” he would be a hard man to find. Tonight Jeremiah Wright will sit for a nationally televised interview with Bill Moyers. That’s Change.

Danny Federici

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The Stone Pony has stood as the Mecca of the Jersey rock scene for decades. I burst with pride the first time my son Andrew and his band played there. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Bon Jovi, Southside Johnny, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Jefferson Starship, Elvis Costello, Peter Frampton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Russell Crowe, and Patti Smith are just a few of the acts that have graced the same stage of the famous Jersey club. A tribute was held last night at the Stone Pony for Danny FedericiContinue Reading

…And The Beat Goes ON

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La de da de de, la de da de da

Circular Firing Squad

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The first time I was eligible to vote in a presidential election was 1980. I voted for Jimmy Carter, who I thought was an honorable and decent man. I still do, but in hindsight, I have to concede that he was an ineffective leader/politician. I can’t believe dems are too pleased that he has injected himself into this years presidential election debate by talking to the democratically elected government/terrorist group, Hamas.

Reportage Artist Rosalie Ritz Dies

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Famous courtroom artist Rosalie Ritz has died at 84. She gave many of us a glimpse into the trials of Charles Manson, Patty Hearst, Sirhan Sirhan, the Black Panthers, OJ Simpson and countless others with her skillful reportage.

Liao Yiwu

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Liao Yiwu writes about China from the bottom up by interviewing fellow prisoners.


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April 15th is like a holiday in my house. My wife Donna was trained in the legal field, but has found her niche amongst life’s two inevitables working in the fiduciary accounting biz (It’s like a regular accountant, but the clients don’t complain as much). The practical effect being that between the new year and April 15th we don’t get to spend a great deal of time together. Tonight we’re keeping the after-tax-day-palooza going by seeing Nathan Lane on Broadway in the political comedy November.


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The Five term mayor of New Jersey’s largest city is found guilty on 13 counts of fraud and conspiracy. Dubbed by some “Newark’s Mayor For Life”, he proved the axiom that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

Issue One

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Shepherd One touched down on Andrews Air Force Base. While in the US, Pope Benedict has put ridding the church of pedophile priests on the top of his agenda.

The Pope of Greenwich Village

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Pope Benedict is coming to New York. I remember when Pope John Paul ll visited New York in 1979. He traveled down Fifth Avenue in the Pope-mobile right past Parson School of Design, on 13th Street, in Greenwich Village. I was an art student at the time. I took some pictures and did a sketch from a window on the 12th floor illustration department.


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When you’ve campaigned for two years and exhausted every issue, it comes to this. Your gaffe is worse than my gaffe.


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Everyone on the pro tour has skills, but on Sunday it’s the golfers nerves not their skills that are tested.

Smart People

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I think investing in the intelligence of our future generations is probably the most important expenditure for securing peace and economic strength as a people. I’m going to give ten dollars to Miramax. Not just because I’ll probably enjoy a movie of, by and for smart people, but to stimulate more of the same and maybe raise the level of culture.

On The Train

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Today I had two photo shoots for book covers I’m working on. That means a commute into the city. I think New Jersey Transit coaches might have the worst suspensions of any moving vehicles still in operation. Besides making it challenging to read a newspaper, it makes it very difficult to draw a picture…but not impossible. I did this doodle on the train. You have to abandon all hope of placing the pen down and moving it exactly where you’d like, in short, forget about line and think like a painter scribbling in … Continue Reading

Tennessee Wins

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The Lady Vols of Tennessee wins back to back NCAA Camapionships.

Buckle Up

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There’s still hope that Jon Corzine’s legacy as New Jersey’s Governor will be that he balanced our wasteful, corrupt government’s debt, but more likely it will be to remind us all to buckle up.

Heston Dies

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After I graduated from Parsons I started to get book cover work from Simon and Schuster. I loved going there to drop off work. Before the digital age, art departments were filled with racks and racks of original art by all of my heros in the business. But while I loved looking at the work, I also realized I needed to step up my game if I wanted to stick around in this field. So, even though I was keeping busy with commissions during the day, I started lugging my french … Continue Reading

Spin Doctor

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When it’s your job to spin, occasionally you spin out of control.

Communication Arts Annual

Sunday Morning

I was pleased to learn this week that I had a piece accepted to this years Communication Arts Illustration Competition.


Julie Borg is a wonderful designer that I’ve been working with for a few years. I enjoy hearing from her because I get to paint in a loose style. This piece was done for a series of CD covers, Sunday Morning Music Series. The songs are inspirational, so I was trying to capture a Sunday morning ritual with an inspirational light. For those of you who know me, you may recognize my dining … Continue Reading

Rev. Martin Luther King

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The Garden

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With Donnie Walsh being hired by the pathetic Knicks as president of basketball operations, some have to be looking over their shoulder.

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Ball point pen on envelpoe.

While it’s liberating to draw on trash, (see above) occasionally there’s a drawing I wish I had saved. About two months ago I saw an article in the paper about a little known (at least to me) Albany bureaucrat. The article (as I recall) revolved around a wrongful firing suit against said bureaucrat. The plaintiff claimed that he was fired on the basis of race, he was white, the defendant black. The defense was that said bureaucrat is blind and had no idea the plaintiff was white. Sort of interesting…but not so much … Continue Reading


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Opening day at Yankee stadium was rained out yesterday.

Dith Pran

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Dith Pran passed away at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital In New Jersey this weekend. His story of surviving the Khmer Rouge regime was the inspiration for the movie, The Killing Fields. He was 65.